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    Banglalink Play Package Tariff

    Written By BDcareLine.Blogspot.com on Thursday, March 12, 2015 | 11:44:00 AM

    Banglalink Play Package:

    Banglalink provides for young generation hights FnF which package is Banglalink play package, This package can gets 18 FnF all operator with 1 supper fnf (Banglalink). Make a big friend list and connected with your best friends.

             Banglalink Play Package:

    Banglalink to Banglalink
    (Per Min. / Rate)
    Banglalink to Others
    (Per Min. / Rate)
    Time (Hours)
    Supper FnF
    0.30 TK
    24 Hours
    FnF Number
    0.36 TK
    0.60 TK
    12 am to 4 pm
    0.54 TK
    0.60 TK
    4 pm to 12 am
    Non FnF
    0.90 TK
    0.90 TK
    12 am to 4 pm
    1.50 TK
    1.74 TK
    4 pm to 12 am
    Local SMS
    0.29 TK (Special FnF)
    0.50 TK
    24 Hours
    0.29 TK(Special FnF)
    5.00 TK
    24 Hours
    Number FnF
    18 FnF (1 Supper FnF)
    10 sec
              Note: 15% VAT will be applicable with all tariff.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

    1) How to migrate this package?
    Ans: All prepaid customer, Just dail *999*1*147# (Free) or Go to massage option and type "P" and send to 9999 (Free).

    2) How much super FnF & FnF can add in this package?
    Ans: Only 1 supper fnf (Banglalink Number Only) & Total 18 FnF both number.

    3) How to add FnF & Supper FnF in this package?
    Ans: Adding for normal fnf just dail *166*11*number# (Free) & special fnf just dial *166*7*number# (Free).

    4) How to replace FnF and special FnF?
    Ans: For replace just dial *166*12*old number*new number# (Free) and for replace special fnf number then dial *166*8*old number*new number# (Free).

    5) How to check FnF number & Supper FnF number?
    Ans: Knowing for fnf just dial *166*14# (Free) and check for special fnf number just dial *166*10# (Free).

    6) After how many days may I migrate to other package?
    Ans: After 7 days to migrate date.

    7) After how many days may I change FnF number?
    Ans: After 15 days to fnf adding date.

    Want to know more information about this Package then dial *121*1# (free) or call help line 121.