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    Robi Free Internet Browsing (Internet.org)

    Written By BDcareLine.Blogspot.com on Monday, May 25, 2015 | 12:06:00 AM

    Robi Free Internet Browsing By www.internet.org:

    Robi offer free internet browsing. To enjoy free internet on your Robi connection to type www.internet.org in your mobile browser or you can also enjoy just download internet.org apps from Google play store. Want to know about free internet browsing is bellow -

    Enjoy offer Before you get started:

    a. Enjoy this offer you have need to use Robi SIM.
    b. Make sure turn off your mobile Wi-Fi in phone.
    c. Then Turn on mobile data in phone.
    d. Now enjoy, Internet.org is free so when using that time don't deduct main balance.

    How to use Internet.org on mobile phone Option:

    1. Search your internet browser icon ( Like - Opera mini or Google Chrome).
    2. Looking in the top address box and type www.internet.org then wait a few moments.
    3. select the language and accept the Terms of condition then enjoy free internet browse.

    How to use the Internet.org Android apps:

    1. Check and make sure mobile data turn on or connect to Wi-Fi.
    2. By using apps and download its (free once time).
    3. You have need Go Google Play store from your mobile.
    4. And Search to Internet.org app.
    5. Then download the Internet.org app fully.
    6. For using this app, you need to make sure mobile data on.
    7. After download and install then click the Internet.org icon..
    8. Select the language and accept the Terms of condition then enjoy free internet browse.
    9. If don’t want to download this app then visit www.internet.org web site.

    Make sure to Avoid internet data charges your device:

    1. Open your mobile or device main Settings menu.
    2. Go to "Wireless & networks" option and select Data.
    3. then touch the menu icon on mobile phone.
    4. And Make sure "Restrict background data".
    5. Then make sure "Auto-sync data" is unrestrained.

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