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    Teletalk Agami Package Tariff

    Written By BDcareLine.Blogspot.com on Friday, May 15, 2015 | 2:33:00 AM

    Teletalk Agami Package Details:

    Teletalk provides Agami package for only students (Whom students has been achieved GPA 5 point in S.S.C examination year of 2010 - 2014. Those students are eligible for this package). This package modalities lowest call rate with highest speed internet and many more. Want to know more information about Teletalk Agami package is below -

            Agami Package Tariff:

    On-Net Number
    (Per Min. / Rate)
    Off-Net Number
    (Per Min. / Rate)
    Time (Hours)
    FnF Number
    24 Hours
    Non FnF
    0.25 TK
    0.60 TK
    24 Hours
    Local SMS
    0.25 TK
    0.35 TK
    24 Hours
    FnF Number
    10 sec
              Note: 15% VAT will be applicable with all Tariff.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

    1) How to migrate Agami package?
    Ans: Not migrate. (This package only for Students who achive GPA 5 in SSC examination).

    2) May I add any FnF in Agami package?
    Ans: No FnF.

    3) How to package Upgrade 2G to 3G Service?
    Ans: Write "3G" and send to 666 (Free).

    4) How to package downgrade 3G to 2G Service?
    Ans: Write "2G" and send to 666 (Free).

    Want to know more information call help line number 121 or 01550157750, 01550157760.